I have become obsessed, my time and energy consumed by one overwhelming desire, one singular urge. And it is this.


Yes, I am on that topic again. And here’s why. As it turns out, all the effort to save The Expanse, the single best science fiction show on television, may actually be working. Currently (as of this writing) Alcon Entertainment appears to be in talks with Amazon Prime to #KeepTheRociFlying. But it isn’t done, not yet, and even if it is, we cannot be silent now.

For just the second time, I watched the best show on television, period, live. As noted before, I don’t do live TV. But if ever there was an exception to my rule, it is The Expanse. Last night’s episode was worth breaking the rules regardless. There is also something to be said for watching these episodes alongside a virtual throng of Expanse fans, including writers, producers, and cast members.

So I will keep watching and re-watching. Tonight, I’ll watch the Amazon Prime episode (it has better swears). Tomorrow, to give late viewers a reasonable chance to avoid any spoilers, I’ll likely “live tweet” my DVR viewing.

I’ll avoid giving much away about last night’s episode (serious scifi goodness) until then. Suffice it to say, The Expanse never fails to please. People are characterizing this as a soft reboot or relaunch, including a bump forward in time (about three months, give or take). It’s a good time to jump in. Though, if you’re not watching already, I am sorely disappointed.

The Season 1 Cast

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