Fire Damage

Fire Damage

For a while there, I had this blog. I wrote some stuff. Nobody read it.

Then somebody hacked it. A part of me was quite pissed off about that. A part of me just wondered … why the hell did they bother?

So I burned the site down and started over. This is the new blog, same as the old blog. Just different.

On the old blog, I wrote about television. A little research, a lot of opinion. I arranged it all around the thematic elements of Hell. Nobody ever read any of it and, honestly, we’re all probably the better for it.

This blog will be a bit more focused. I’ll still write about television, but now I’m focusing outside the box. By “the box” I mean the cable box. I’ll be talking Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (aka “the big dogs”). But while I want to concentrate on “non-traditional” television programs, I will be keeping a toe or two in the welcoming warm waters of traditional, broadcast TV.

As for all those silly little “hell” based elements … What the hell. Why not?