Bezos with Expanse Cast
Left to Right: Anvar, Shankar, Chatham, Bezos, Gee, Strait

Official word came down yesterday in a perfect storm of amazing timing and social media synchronicity. The Expanse is coming back for Season 4 and moving to Amazon Prime Video.

Via video streamed by Cas Anvar (who plays Alex Kamal on the show) and others, we saw/heard Jeff Bezos himself make the announcement: “The Expanse is saved.” Given that Mr. Bezos owns Amazon, that’s called getting your news straight from the source. Bezos was on stage as a part of a panel at the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Los Angeles. After first acknowledging several Expanse cast members and crew gathered at one of the tables (including Anvar, Wes Chatham, Steven Strait, Cara Gee and showrunner Naren Shankar), Bezos said he was just on the phone and was now able to confirm that The Expanse is saved.

And the crowd went wild, none wilder than the folks gathered around The Expanse table. Later, Chatham posted a picture of Bezos with the cast and Shankar (above). That was a happy group of people and just a sample of the joy being felt by Expanse fans worldwide. I gushed all over Twitter myself with heartfelt congratulations all around.

While it is difficult to pin down the numbers, The Expanse has a much larger fanbase than anything demonstrated by the show’s ratings on SyFy. Fans of shows like this are rarely locked into the specific viewing times or formats. Cable TV is only a slice of the pie, and a fairly small slice at that (or so I’ve hear). SyFy was only getting results off their sliver and Amazon already had at least one thumb in the rest. Now they get all that tasty Expanse flavor for themselves.

But Bezos is always happy to share. All you need is your subscription to Amazon Prime to get your spoon. I already got mine.

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